Remote Support

Technical support can be provided in person, by telephone, by email, or remotely via the internet. Remote support done via the internet is often the most cost effective and efficient way to assist you in a timely manner. I use a variety of remote support tools but usually use a reliable and easy to use remote support system called ScreenConnect.

For customers who use Teamviewer, I'm able to establish a remote support session with your existing Teamviewer installation. To establish a connection, I will need your Teamviewer ID and Password.

I have also established an alternate remote support service called SimpleHelp if ScreenConnect or Teamviewer does not work at your site for some reason.

If you require support, please call me to request online support, and within minutes I can be “on your desktop” helping you out.

If I'm not available and it's an emergency, please try Ken at Aberdeen Business Consulting